Welcome to an exciting new era for Home Leisure and Lifestyle shows in Urban, Regional Victoria, NSW and Tasmania. We are proud to present a diverse combination of Expo’s featuring:

Home, Leisure, Lifestyle, Food & Wine, Garden & Outdoor Adventures, Camping, Caravans, 4WD’s, Cars & Motorcycles.

 At National Home Maker Expos, our aim to offer advice and support to our exhibitors to ensure they maximise the degree of success in all areas of sales, marketing and potential ongoing leads for the future.

It is paramount that our exhibitors are given every opportunity to showcase their products on a professional level to ensure their return on investment for their participation.

Why Exhibit?

EXHIBITIONS… are a powerful, flexible and highly cost-effective marketing tool and an effective medium for establishing and maintaining customer relationships. In an increasingly digital age, EXPOS are the ideal medium…successfully uniting Sales, Product, Services and Purchasers…a potent force; driving business forward with vision, purpose and inspiration…Expos help direct sales and allow exhibitors to meet face to face with their customers.

This Is Your Opportunity To:

Showcase your products to thousands of new customers and broaden your customer base.
Market new products and get instant customer feedback. Establish new contacts for future sales and appointments. Inspire visitors through our workshops and stage demonstrations. Demonstrate how your products can help your customers get the most out of your product and create awareness.

Powerful Marketing And Promotion

Our Expos are hard to miss! We pride ourselves in creating successful events. We spend the time and money to cover the growing market. Smart buying, along with alliances and media partnerships with the most listened to and watched radio and television stations in your region, ensures our ads are heard by the customers our exhibitors want to meet.

Included In Every Shows Promotional Campaign:

  • Regional television & radio advertising
  • Local and surrounding areas newspaper advertising and promotional editorials
  • Country farming newspapers
  • Direct mail and letterbox distribution
  • Email marketing campaigns to individuals, business & niche groups
  • Mobile billboards touring the region before and during the Expo
  • Signage & posters
  • Especially dedicated public relations campaigns