Each year, we are very proud to have more and more caravans, campers, 4WDs, cars, kayaks, boats, camping, tents etc to join into our leisure roadshow throughout Victoria and NSW. There are great offers to purchase your display vehicles on the spot with special discounts. Do not miss out the latest models and be ahead with the public!


Interested in home improvement? Get home improvement ideas and great tips from our exhibitors and share your ideas with the others. There is nothing better than “DO IT YOURSELF” the way how you like it to be. As our shows are growing bigger each year, we have more and more exhibitors joining us to the shows. Grab yourself a coffee and enjoy the experience of creating “magical wonders to your home!


HUEY – IAIN HEWITSON – A chef /restaurateur for more than 40
years. Huey has been invited as part of our celebrities cooking
live on stage shows. He has shared many wonderful and great
idea recipes and cooking methods to many families and friends.

GABRIEL GATE – Gabriel is a French Chef Living in Australia.
He has appeared on a number of Australian television shows and
in 2000, Gaté received the La Croix de Chevalier dans L’Ordre du
Merite Agricole. Gabriel has established himself as a popular chef
in Melbourne, appearing on the TV shows.

PAUL MERCURIO – Paul is an Australian actor, dancer, and TV
presenter. Mercurio is best known for his lead role in Baz
Luhrmann’s Strictly Ballroom. He has written “ Cooking with Beer”
and he demonstrated his cooking skill live on stage with us. If you
like Paul Mercurio’s cooking, you can also follow him on facebook

SIMON LOCK – Chef Simon Lock began his career at an early
age working in his family’s Bendigo restaurant. Coming from a
Chinese/Australian background, Simon found himself working in
his father’s kitchen cooking rice, lemon chicken & dim sims.

DR GED WHITE – Dr Gerard White is a wine educator & wine
maker with 45 years in the industry in Australia & worldwide.
Gerard operates as an advisor for companies, institutes and
private individuals. His areas of wine interest centre not only on
the classic international wines, which excel in Australia, but also
the exciting developments, which now surround the
establishment & production of old, world varieties from France,
Italy and Spain & are now gaining recognition in Australia.


Kurt believes that Homes of the Past are our Heritage Homes of Today and are Tomorrows Heritage. Good design isn’t easy; it’s a long road from the initial idea to the packaged product. Successful design is much more than common basics, it’s about responsibility and an ethical approach to environmental issues and the effective use of resources. Sustainable Design Enhancing Comfort and Convenience, Reducing Energy Costs, Creating a Healthy & Safe Environment, Building for the Future and Wise use of Land. Kurt Walder – of AUNEEKA Building Dezigns – an enthusiastic experienced designer of Energy Efficient Homes, and Solar-Passive Homes. Kurt has a healthy respect for his Swiss and Swedish Heritage, and is enthusiastic in applying their principles of Energy Efficiency and Ergonomics into his Home designs. Kurt demonstrates benefits of some of these principles including Passive-Solar, Orientation, Capacitance, Insulation, Double-glazed Windows & Shading. Successful design is about much more than common basics, it’s about responsibility and an ethical approach to environmental issues and the use of resources. Kurt has been a professional designer of Architecture for 25 years following-on from his background of Science & Engineering. Kurt believes that the task of Designers of Architecture is to improve the everyday life for everyone!


We have pools, spas & sauna displays in our show, which offer you great discounts and new models for your home. Get more information about how to make your home more deluxe and enjoyable with your friends and families.