National Home Maker Expos…we are an national events company that has been operating throughout Australia over the past 10 years… we are DYNAMIC company with  flair and Charisma supported by an energetic and dedicated team of marketing and sales professionals who have  the vision to distinguish the needs and desires of exhibitors and visitors alike.

Our strength lies in creating and producing UNIQUE EVENTS in the areas of…Home, Leisure, Caravan, Camping and Food…

Our expos consistently attract large, high-quality audiences…keen to purchase and enthusiastic to gain valuable knowledge from our exhibitors about the latest products, services and technical innovations available…

EXHIBITIONS… are a powerful, flexible and highly cost-effective marketing tool and an effective medium for establishing and maintaining customer relationships. In an increasingly digital age, EXPOS are the ideal medium…successfully uniting Sales, Product, Services and Purchasers…a potent force, driving business forward with vision, purpose and inspiration.

Our Home Leisure and Lifestyle Shows come alive with thousands of people…all eager to share the “Expo Experience “we offer… LIKE NO OTHER SHOW

Each Show has its own unique “Free Entertainment Packages”… Local Food & Wine tastings, Children’s Jumping Castles, Giant Slides, Arts Crafts and Painting, Animal Farms, DIY Demonstrations, Australian Fishing Show, Live Entertainment.


Listen to what Abraham Fouani, Sales Manager of NEW AGE Caravans, Sydney says:




News of our NEW venue.  

The new venue is Batemans Bay, which will be running from December 6th, 7th and 8th of December. 


Batemans Bay:(new) December 6th, 7th and 8th


Wagga Wagga:              March 13th,14th and 15th

Gippsland (Morwell)  March 27th, 28th and 29th

Bendigo:                         May 29th,30th and 31st

Penrith:                          July/August 31st, 1st and 2nd

Warnambool:               September 18th, 19th and 20th

Batemans Bay:             November/December (dates to be confirmed)




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DOG POLICY: Dogs are always welcome at our shows but they must be on a leash and controlled by the dog owner.

Batemans Bay Exhibitors List 

AAMI Apia Insurance F1a
Adjustable Beds F5
Adjust A Mattress F10
Auswide Caravans C9
Avan NSW A1a
Advanced Therapy F18
ARV Caravans A2
 ARB Accessories B1
Avan Motorhomes A1a
BackTax Rooftops D2
Bettergrip Tools F2c
Better Living Australia F5
Black Series Campers C3
Blade Bikes F2b
BRS Electro Brakes D2
Caravan Airconditioning F4
Carlons Caravans A1b
Casada Massage F28/F23/F15
Concept Caravans A2
Conqueror Campers D6a
Cooper Tyres B1
Crusader Caravans A1b
City RV B9
Cub Campers C10
Donnigans Assistance F4
Discovery One Kimberley Cruises F11
Drovers Outback Camping F9
Extend Outdoors A7B
EzyTRail/Top Trail A3
EverShower F20
Fresh Squeezed Water F2a
Green RV Caravans A15
Garman Electronics C1
Golf Caravans A1a
Honda Outboard Engines C1
HSV Vehicles A4
I Like it Direct F2c
Industrial Replacement A11
IronMan  4×4 Accessories A4
Insta Chill Coolers F16
Intelli Quip D2
Kleava Kut Knives F17a
Kokoda Caravans A4
Mountain Trail RV A10
McLay Boats C1
Marlin Campers C2 (Triangle)
Malibu Caravans B9
New Age  Caravans  A6
Moruya Bicycles F7
Mediscope Australia F25/F26/F27
Newlands Caravans A2
Nissan Motor Company A4
Ozi Block N Chock  F6
Perception Lighting F3
Pain Pod Australia F12
Porta-A Bote F24
Pod Trailers D2
Puma RV’s D5
Platinum Journeys F6a
Puma Rv Slide-Ons D5
Regent Caravans/GreenRV A15
Rob Promos F17b
Road & Maritime Services F22
Savage Boats C1
Sapphire Marine & Automotive C1
SavvyLevels F18a
Show TV F28
Shockloc F1b
SC Automobiles D4
Signature Campers D4
Sportsmad RV A16 / A17
Sth Coast Outdoor Products Grass
Snowy River Caravans C9
Super Wrench F17a
Suncamper Motor Homes A6a
Struman Optics F25/F26/F27
The  Generator Place A7a
TJM Canberra C10
Turmerix F21
Totally Equipped 4WD B1
Toyota Motor Company B1
Trayon Trailer D2
Time to Roam Magazine D8a
Transcool Air-Con F4
Track Trailer D2
Tyre Torque B1
Ultimate Off-Road Campers D3c
Wine Selectors F19
Willow Caravans A2
Vita-Lite Cookware F28
Ute Bumbag F6a
Viscount Caravans A2
Villa Caravans A17
Vacationer Caravans B2 +B3
Vacuum Sealers B9a
Vintage Caravan D8b
Chevrolet  Silverado A4






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"The Warrnambool Caravan and Camping Expo was a Huge Success, By far the best regional show we have done!"

Murray Swayn- Warrnambool RV + Caravan Centre